Everything You Need To Know About ESD Flooring, Its Definition, Advantages And Much More

Posted by Admin on March, 31, 2020

What is ESD flooring :-

For all those who are reading this article, first things first, we would like to inform you what an ESD Flooring is. Well, ESD flooring is such flooring that is erected with a combination of materials such as carbon fibres, which is basically that transfers the electrostatic charge to the flooring from a person. Therefore, such kind of flooring helps in reducing all the chances of static discharge through any sort of physical touch. ESD flooring comes in a number of variants such as carpet, vinyl, and rubber.

How Does ESD Flooring Work:-

Now for all those who are wondering as to how ESD flooring works, well, it is a coating that is inclusive of conductive particle within its matrix that helps in offering the electrically active coating in a way that it helps in an electric current travel through it easily. Almost like what a wire does, ESD flooring too is capable of carrying electrical charge from one point to another. Even most of the paints as well as polymer coatings also do not contain such sort of property. In addition to this, ESD Flooring works in compliance with other ESD protection devices namely, garments or footwear amongst many others.

Why Is This Important :-

So, basically ESD flooring is significant helps in eliminating the mild shock that one might experience. The unwanted static discharge can be very critical and in some cases it can also be life threatening. It is also to be noted here that unwanted spark generation may be a reason of sudden explosion in flammable environments.

Industries Affected by ESD Flooring:-

• Radio and TV broadcasting communications
• Electronics manufacturing (including electronic coil, components, and machinery)
• Magnetic and optical recording video
• Semi-conductors
• Avionics
• Data centers
• Medical device manufacturing labs
• Power, distributions, and specialty Transformers
• Printed circuit boards
• Pharmaceutical processing labs
• Telephone Apparatuses

Types of ESD Flooring – Advantage and Disadvantage :-

Advantage: ESD Wax flooring is pocket-friendly and eye-catchy in look.
Disadvantage: ESD Wax flooring is short term solution and requires high upkeep cost.

ESD Vinyl Tiles
Advantage: ESD Vinyl Tiles is low on initial cost
Disadvantage: The major drawback of ESD Vinyl Tiles is that it discontinuous with multiple linear ft. of seams. Moreover, it is vulnerable to delamination under heavy loads.

ESD Carpet
Advantage: ESD Carpet has low to moderate upfront cost and it is also sound diminishing.
Disadvantage: The disadvantage of ESD carpet is the fact that it is not apt for rolling or heavy traffic.

ESD Rubber
Advantage: ESD rubber flooring is effective in a number of different types of environments.
Disadvantage: The major drawback of ESD rubber flooring is that it has the most expensive upfront cost of all the other options available.

There are a number of proficient ESD Flooring Suppliers in Gurgaon, who can easily guide you as to what kind of ESD flooring one should go for. The ESD Flooring Suppliers in Gurgaon are well-known and very experienced in this industry and will guide you as per your individual demands and requirements.

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