Electrotek Static Controls Private Limited Blog http://www.electrotekstatic.co.in/blog/ Latest Products Thu, 08 Jun 2023 16:20:46 +0530 en-us http://www.electrotekstatic.co.in ESD Tiles Suppliers in Noida- how do they create it perfect? http://www.electrotekstatic.co.in/blog/esd-tiles-suppliers-in-noida-how-do-they-create-it-perfect_7798.htm Tue, 24 Dec 2019 12:04:47 +0530 ESD Tiles are very useful in heavy duty vinyl flooring. It offers permanent conductivity. An identical solid vinyl tile with conductive elements disseminated throughout its entire thickness. Characteristics of ESD tilesExcellent characteristics of ESD tiles are • Chemical resistance,• Anti-scratch,• Dimensional stability and• Durability ESD Tiles Suppliers in Noida offer ESD Tiles made with great precision. The reasons is simple, the premium quality of the products strengthens any supplier’s bond with clients in the market.ESD tiles Application Top-notch quality ESD Tiles offered by leading suppliers in Noida are widely used in • Clean rooms,• Electronics manufacturing assembly,• Test areas,• Computer and electronic equipment installations,• Communication center,• ESD facilities,• Laboratories,• Explosion-hazard rooms,• Control rooms and• Many other Industries. Why is this important? The risk of undesirable static discharge concern can range from exceptionally critical (life threatening), just like the unwanted spark generation that causes an explosion in flammable environments. In more general terms, in the case of eliminating static discharge annoyance with persons feeling a mild “shock”.Most often, the prerequisite for an ESD Floor, a critical component of an entire ESD program, is essential in the electronics industry. This is particularly accurate in circuit board assemblage and creation. These circuit boards contain thousands of minute electric circuits that can be damaged or “fried” with very small jolts of static discharge.Benefits of ESD ESD flooring is formed of a mixture of materials, including carbon fibers that help in transference of the electrostatic charge from a body to the flooring, thus, dropping the chance of someone creating a static discharge through physical contact. These floors come in a number of styles, comprising carpet, vinyl, and rubber. Choosing an ESD floor tiles for your cleanroom floor can be both beneficial for your workers as they work, and the quality of your electronic equipment. Not to mention, this product provides customers with an epoxy-free flooring solution that exceeds other flooring.How Does ESD Flooring tiles work? An ESD-control floor covering possesses a conductive element inside its matrix which condenses the coating to be electrically active in such a way that electrical current travels through it. Just like a cable, it can carry electrical charge from one point to another. This is different from wood, plastic, or glass, which are famous insulators and unable to carry an electrical discharge. Polymer coatings and paints do not possess this property. In an ESD Protected Area (EPA), this type of floor works in concurrence with various other ESD safety devices. Some of them are footwear, garments, and grounding straps to complete the task of lessening BVG and governing proper grounded discharge.How to find ESD tiles suppliers in Noida? Search online for the following qualities in ESD tiles supplier in Noida. There are so many companies to supply these features. 1. Association with leading manufacturers2. Appreciation in the global market3. A wide range of textile fabrics4. Experienced workforce5. Competitive prices6. Easy payment options7. Wide distribution channel8. Timely deliveries9. Transparent business dealings Everything you need to know about ESD Flooring, its definition, advantages and much more http://www.electrotekstatic.co.in/blog/everything-you-need-to-know-about-esd-flooring-its-definition-advantages-and-much-more_8472.htm Tue, 31 Mar 2020 11:09:25 +0530 What is ESD flooring :-   For all those who are reading this article, first things first, we would like to inform you what an ESD Flooring is. Well, ESD flooring is such flooring that is erected with a combination of materials such as carbon fibres, which is basically that transfers the electrostatic charge to the flooring from a person. Therefore, such kind of flooring helps in reducing all the chances of static discharge through any sort of physical touch. ESD flooring comes in a number of variants such as carpet, vinyl, and rubber.   How Does ESD Flooring Work:-  Now for all those who are wondering as to how ESD flooring works, well, it is a coating that is inclusive of conductive particle within its matrix that helps in offering the electrically active coating in a way that it helps in an electric current travel through it easily. Almost like what a wire does, ESD flooring too is capable of carrying electrical charge from one point to another. Even most of the paints as well as polymer coatings also do not contain such sort of property. In addition to this, ESD Flooring works in compliance with other ESD protection devices namely, garments or footwear amongst many others. Why Is This Important :- So, basically ESD flooring is significant helps in eliminating the mild shock that one might experience. The unwanted static discharge can be very critical and in some cases it can also be life threatening. It is also to be noted here that unwanted spark generation may be a reason of sudden explosion in flammable environments. Industries Affected by ESD Flooring:-  • Radio and TV broadcasting communications• Electronics manufacturing (including electronic coil, components, and machinery)• Magnetic and optical recording video• Semi-conductors• Avionics• Data centers• Medical device manufacturing labs• Power, distributions, and specialty Transformers• Printed circuit boards• Pharmaceutical processing labs• Telephone Apparatuses Types of ESD Flooring – Advantage and Disadvantage :- • ESD WaxAdvantage: ESD Wax flooring is pocket-friendly and eye-catchy in look.Disadvantage: ESD Wax flooring is short term solution and requires high upkeep cost.  • ESD Vinyl TilesAdvantage: ESD Vinyl Tiles is low on initial costDisadvantage: The major drawback of ESD Vinyl Tiles is that it discontinuous with multiple linear ft. of seams. Moreover, it is vulnerable to delamination under heavy loads. • ESD CarpetAdvantage: ESD Carpet has low to moderate upfront cost and it is also sound diminishing.Disadvantage: The disadvantage of ESD carpet is the fact that it is not apt for rolling or heavy traffic. • ESD RubberAdvantage: ESD rubber flooring is effective in a number of different types of environments.Disadvantage: The major drawback of ESD rubber flooring is that it has the most expensive upfront cost of all the other options available. There are a number of proficient ESD Flooring Suppliers in Gurgaon, who can easily guide you as to what kind of ESD flooring one should go for. The ESD Flooring Suppliers in Gurgaon are well-known and very experienced in this industry and will guide you as per your individual demands and requirements. What Are The Uses Of PP Corrugated Bins? http://www.electrotekstatic.co.in/blog/what-are-the-uses-of-pp-corrugated-bins_8906.htm Sat, 27 Jun 2020 18:33:22 +0530 PP corrugated boxes are like the corrugated boxes but they are made with polypropylene and are way better, successful, and highly beneficial than the other normal boxes that are available in the market.The corrugated boxes cannot stand against the PP boxes because they have a diverse property and functionality and you can get it from the best exporters the same as the way you want. These boxes can be customised as per your needs and uses. Therefore for daily use, PP boxes are good for commercial places and even other sectors as well.What Are The Features Of PP Corrugated Bins?There are several features of PPE bins. Some are,1. Long-lasting2. Easy to operate3. Great management4. Easy navigable5. User free6. Lightweight7. Hassle-free and can be cleaned8. Fast to load and deliver These features of PP corrugated boxes make it so popular among the industrialist. They are a cost-effective solution for packaging and storing products as one can reuse them without any trouble. You can also clean them as they do not absorb liquid and moisture. Now keep your products safe and secured in your factory and warehouse with the use of PP boxes from exporters in India.What Are The Uses Of PPE Corrugated boxes?PPE corrugated boxes are mainly used in industries and commercial places. The PP Corrugated bins suppliers in Gurgaon can supply products in a huge amount to you directly at your commercial place. So get your products from them and use them for different purposes and commercial needs.Read on to know more about the uses or PP boxes and why these are so popular. • Office SupplyThese boxes are extremely lightweight and you can carry small or big products in it from one place to another in your office. They are easy to transport and also to manage. You can easily carry these from one place to another without much trouble. • PP Corrugated SheetsThe PP sheets are very hard and are used for several purposes like roofing. These are extremely lightweight as mentioned earlier but are strong and hard which is a great point. These are good for places where maximum coverage and less impact resistance is needed. • Various PackagingSeveral industries use these bins for packing their products. They are mainly used for packing agricultural products and a lot more. They are extremely durable which is why you do not have to put anything else in it. You can reuse it again and again without any trouble. They last long even after several uses. • Medical NeedsThey can be used to store and carry medicines from one place to another as they are strong and not absorbent. So you do not have to be worried about the medicines getting spoiled due to water or moisture. Therefore pharmaceutical companies use these medicines to supply and deliver medicines to their clients and customers.Thus, PP boxes are very useful in different sectors for different purposes. You can get them in bulk from reliable sources and exporters and use them for your needs. Disposable Face Mask – Important Information and Usage http://www.electrotekstatic.co.in/blog/disposable-face-mask-important-information-and-usage_9375.htm Sat, 19 Sep 2020 13:58:25 +0530 A disposable Face Mask is important to keep the serious disease that spread from one person to another. You can easily find the suppliers offering the best range of products.A face mask is designed to stop the spread of common and serious diseases. It is loose fitting and wraps up the mouth and nose. The band is attached both the side so that it can easily get attached to the ears.The majority of the people are familiar with two different kinds of disposable face masks.Thin Paper or Cloth Masks: This kind of masks remains thinner as compared to the surgeons wear. They serve as an important barrier in the middle of the mouth, nose, and the outside air. It protects a person directly from inhaling contaminants and from breathing inside - but no doubt, the protection just moves to a specific degree.Disposable Face Masks: There are special disposable face masks that are planned for wear at the worksites or when the wearer understands that he or she can come into the contact with some risky germs than those that pass on the common cold. Such disposable face masks are prepared of a mixture of materials and are changed into a shape planned to wrap the mouth and nose securely. Normally, they possess some respiration valve attached to them as well and are planned to filter more than 99% of the contaminants in the adjacent air. N95 disposable face masks are surely the best one as they are advised by the health professionals when swine flu and Corona spread away.In any case, the cost of the disposable face masks remains cheap therefore there's no reason not to purchase a full packet of them and take around one or two when you fly or are going to be in close nearness with some unknown people for a long period. You never understand what can happen, and it's surely good to keep yourself safer than sorry. In the difficult time of Corona, it is important to take some important precautions.Ways to Wear a Face MaskAs the name implies, you just require wearing the mask once and then dispose it into the trash. Before opening the pack, you should clean up the hands with soap and water. If possible, you can sanitize your hands with sanitizer.After that remove the mask unit from the pack and wear it. You can hold it on the ear's loops.It is important to move the mask to the level of the nose and drag the straps over the head so that it can relax over the head’s crown. After that, one must pull the button strap over the head.If you are desirable to get them in bulk for your office or shop, Disposable Face Mask Suppliers in Gurgaon are readily available to assist you. For better results, you should choose a reliable and renowned supplier. Who can provide a quality product at reasonable rates. Guard Yourself from Viruses and Bacteria with Disposable Face Mask http://www.electrotekstatic.co.in/blog/guard-yourself-from-viruses-and-bacteria-with-disposable-face-mask_9809.htm Wed, 16 Dec 2020 11:07:49 +0530 In general, disposable face masks have three layers which give better protection and are more air-porous. This mask is made from non-woven fabric as this fabric grants improved bacteria filtration remaining less slippery than woven cloth. Also, non-woven fabric is economical to manufacture and has a disposable nature. This three-level ply is made from a melt blown material and the melted blown material is fixed between non-woven fabrics. This, melt blown material, acts as a filter which blocks microbes entering and exiting the mask.   Usage of Disposable Face mask:- Earlier, Disposable face masks were used to cover the mouth and nose by doctors and other healthcare workers working in laboratories, hospitals and clinics where safety is a major concern. It curbs the risk of contagions from secretion of the mouth and nose. Therefore, it is purposely to be worn by healthcare professionals during surgery and to safeguard from infection.   Now, the usage of disposable face mask has increased among the general public owing to the rise in outbreaks of airborne diseases in recent times. Disposable face masks protect us from being splashed by the body fluid of others or prevent transmission of body fluid from the wearer to others. Now, disposable face masks are widely used in coronavirus outbreak by the general people also to safeguard them from infection as well as air pollution.   Supply of Disposable Face Mask:-   With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus epidemic situation, the shortage of personal protection supplies in the prevention and control of viruses in various areas of the world is still an immediate issue to settle. The model of epidemic prevention policies requires that this situation cannot be controlled without masks, and hence, the shortage of masks in the market is bound to occur for a longer period.   In India, a vast variety of disposable face masks are manufactured and supplied every year. The non-woven disposable face masks provided by the suppliers are of free size, easy and comfortable to wear. Also, they offer multiple colour varieties of the masks in the market. There are a number of disposable face mask suppliers in Gurgaon in order to suffice this sprouting demand of the market. Some of the crucial points to be considered by the suppliers are -   • They should also take bulk orders for both retail and wholesale markets. • Their products should go through various tests and checks to maintain quality. • Their team of experts should also ensure that these products are properly sanitised before they are being packed and supplied. • They should have their own warehouse that is highly advanced and can store several products at a time. • The warehouse should be equipped with modern machines and tools to store our products in the safest manner. • They should be associated with professionals who are widely known for accomplishing their assigned tasks within the stipulated time frame. • The offered range should be available in the market at affordable rates without compromising the safety standards.   Hence, we can conclude that the imminent use of disposable face masks and lower threat of their substitutes are expected to shoot the global disposable face masks market during the forecast period. The Extraordinary Advantages Of ESD Tiles Usage http://www.electrotekstatic.co.in/blog/the-extraordinary-advantages-of-esd-tiles-usage_9927.htm Tue, 12 Jan 2021 10:53:42 +0530 A combination of materials, including carbon fibers, creates ESD floors that transmit the electrostatic charge of one person into the flooring. This decreases the likelihood that someone involves physical contact to generate a static release. Discharge can cause serious injury, harm, and financial loss. Component malfunction used throughout solid-state electronics such as integrated circuits impacts a range of industries. Damage to vital elements leads to substantial financial loss. These floor tiles in various styles are available with ESD Tiles Suppliers in Noida.ESD Flooring is used as a conduit in electric static charging. When walking on insulated floors, the static charge that piles up within the body was often of concern to developers particularly when the plant manages sensitive electronic equipment or highly combustible chemical items. It is therefore very critical that static charges do not accumulate and that ESD floors have the best protection through the smooth, joint-less, and chemical resistant provision of conductive/dissipative characteristics.Science Behind ESD:Static builds by rubbing together two materials. This leads to positive charging of the object. This charge passes through your body and escapes if it is possible. That's why we get what we call "electric shocks."There is no high voltage for "electric shocks" that we feel every single day, so you probably won't note the power pass. However, you could see major ESD jolts on unique occasions. In these situations, a spark visible to the human eye may be produced. The lightning that is a big ESD event is an example.Static electricity is among the causes of ESD incidents. Static electricity is also produced by turbo-charging, the isolation of electric charges that take place when two components are contacted and segregated.Advantages:Many companies and industrial sectors are involved in activities and the creation of products that demand an environment free of additional electricity. You must do everything necessary to stop electrostatic discharges or growth, from biomedical research to the production of electronics, as your workers pass around. The following are the amazing advantages of ESD flooring:● Electrostatic discharge is controlled by the elimination of catastrophic failure.● ESD flooring efficiently lowers the risk of your products. The funds, time, and effort you put into developing electrical components can be thrown away without the proper type of anti-static floors.● Not all harm becomes evident instantly. ESD can lead to aftermarket problems that result in dissatisfied customers. The stressful situation for a management team is that the secret harm caused by latent loss.● The most flexible static control floor is extremely shiny. The high gloss it creates is a major benefit of ESD Control Flooring.● ESD floors involve much less supervision and repair than standard floors and require an understanding of knowledge to avoid damage.● ESD floors minimise electrostatic discharge avoiding electronic equipment interference and disruption and ensuring that all data is kept private.Final Words:The key factor of static electricity is sometimes cited as the mobility in the workplace of people and objects. This routine step is liable for charges of up to several thousand volts, in particular for touching and separating the shoe from the floor. Similarly, electrical charges are created by moving mobile carts or other machinery.ESD Tiles may be built to avoid static output and destroy the integrity of a floor system and to create workplace hazards. Know the ways to find the best wrist band grounding http://www.electrotekstatic.co.in/blog/know-the-ways-to-find-the-best-wrist-band-grounding_10248.htm Sat, 20 Mar 2021 10:56:03 +0530 Wrist bands are used in various places and particularly for grounding purpose. Electrical grounding is an important concept or phenomenon that is very useful. The wrist band is worn in the hand and helps the person wearing it to be grounded while static energy is being build-up on any electronic device avoiding any kind of serious damage. ESD wrist or armbands are very popular and are being used in many industrial places where such type of electrical grounding is needed.   Various companies have been in the manufacturing of grounding wrist bands. These wrist bands are also considered as a security measure and should be worn as needed. The damage from electric shock can be highly dangerous or can be fatal in some cases. To avoid such cases, you need to make sure to put a wrist band grounding that will help you stay safe no matter what is the situation.   How to find the right wrist band? It is a common question that many have in mind about how to find the right wrist band. Though various companies manufacture ESD wrist bands, quality is what makes them different. You need to make sure that the quality is not compromised at any cost. Wrist band grounding can be available in different sizes and quality and you need to be careful about what you are selecting as it is about a life and death situation. The capacity of the band should be up to the mark so that the wearer can be safe while wearing the band.   Tips to find the best quality wrist band There are various ways through which you can find the best quality wrist bands and those are as follows:   • While purchasing the wrist bands, make sure that the company from where you are purchasing it has a good reputation in the market. • Check with the quality of the products and make sure to check if they have passed through the industrial quality check and have the necessary markings to authenticate the products. • Go through the company testimonials where clients will share their honest feedback and reviews that will help you to understand the product better. • Check with the price of the products as many companies tend to ask for more money than it should be.   With the above few points, you will simply be able to find the right ESD wrist band for your factory and your employees and you will be able to proceed with the work safely. You can also look for wrist band grounding exporters in Gurgaon that can help you fulfil the requirement. They will also be able to help you get the products delivered to your location for the ease of doing business.   Looking for wrist band grounding exporters in Gurgaon, you should check that they take orders online and can meet the demand with a constant supply of the products. This way you will be able to continue with your work or if you are planning for reselling then you can carry on with your business as well. Keep your electronic devices safe with antistatic foam http://www.electrotekstatic.co.in/blog/keep-your-electronic-devices-safe-with-antistatic-foam_10414.htm Tue, 20 Apr 2021 10:27:51 +0530 We all know how electronic devices can be easily damaged if not taken care of properly. They comprise an important part of our lives as we use them for various purposes such as connecting to the world in a digital manner or for storage purposes. If anything happens to them, we get affected in a way that takes time to recover. We make sure that our devices are safe and kept properly to avoid any kind of damage which also consists of static damages.   To keep such devices protected, antistatic foams are widely used. It is nothing but a special type of product that is manufactured for transporting electronic equipment and parts. The antistatic foam has a very distinct property that ensures the device is protected against the electrostatic charges being dissipated slowly either by neighboring electronic equipment or devices or by the component itself or from the person handling the device or equipment.   What are the features of antistatic foam? Antistatic foams are not only good for absorbing static charges but also provide amazing cushioning to sensitive computer chips, circuit boards to name a few. It helps in safeguarding the electronic device and equipment from damages that can be done by slight hits or pressure. They are used in manufacturing cases and covers for varieties of devices such as hard drives, laptops, etc. Different size of antistatic foam is available in the market that can be used depending on the requirements.   Start your own business for cases and covers made of antistatic foam If you are someone who is not getting a business idea, then you can work towards manufacturing cases and covers for electronic devices and equipment made of antistatic foam. They are highly used and can lead to a successful business venture. You can sell those covers online as well as offline and earn a huge profit on each unit.   To get started with, you need antistatic foam that you can easily get from antistatic foams exporters in Gurgaon. They will be able to deliver you high-quality antistatic foam at a great price using which you can manufacture stylish yet useful covers and cases. It will not only help you start a venture but will also help you to set up your business and be successful.   All you need to do is contact a renowned exporter of antistatic foam so that you can get started with the production. You can place an order for the required quantity of antistatic foam online as many exporters are going online to expand their business. It is a great way to get started with your establishment without even compromising on your health and safety.   You can select as many quantities as required or offered by the exporter without having to step out of your house or office. This will help you to manage everything from the safety of your home or office and you can start with the production. You can be ready with the designs and patterns that you want to manufacture so that as soon as you get the antistatic foam, you get started with the process without even delaying a minute. Everything That You Need To Know About ESD Flooring http://www.electrotekstatic.co.in/blog/everything-that-you-need-to-know-about-esd-flooring_10808.htm Tue, 15 Jun 2021 13:02:15 +0530 A flooring device ESD from ESD Flooring Suppliers in Gurgaon is used for the discharge into a desired regulated ground point by means of an electrical static charge (called the body voltage accumulation on a person moving through the polymer floor). This controlled and deliberate streaming of electrical power and discharge significantly reduces the risk of electrostatic accidental discharge, which can harm the sensitive electrical equipment during the production process.   The ESD discharge may have adverse effects on sensitive electronic components even in the smallest and normally unnoticed. The smaller and more responsive components of the new microchip and the printing circuit boards (PCBs) have been used to improve the quality control and the production of ESD control and prevention to reduce failure modes and scrap rates.   Working Procedure: An ESD-controlled floor coating includes an electrically active conduction particle in the matrix that allows electrical energy to be transmitted. Just like a wire, electric charges can be carried from one stage to the next. This is not wood, plastic, or glass that is known to bear an electric current and thus are considered insulators.   This property is not present in most paints or silicone coatings. This form of floor is run in an ESD protected area (EPA) with many other ESD safety devices such as boots, garments, and grounding straps to ensure that the BVG is reduced and the correct grounding release is regulated.   Benefits on offer:   Controls static discharge - The main aim of this flooring is to help minimize the risk of ESD. In workplaces where static can cause interruption and damage to workers and/ or equipment, this flooring is of particular importance.   Low maintenance - These floors are both installed and maintained extremely easily, especially when you spend in modular anti-static tiles. Sometimes they can be put on existing floors, locked and sealed with our floor finishing products easily.   Durable - A mixture of recycled materials like vinyl, rubber, and plastic is made to produce anti-static floors that are ergonomically friendly and can last for years.     Importance: The potential of undesired static discharge effects can range from extremely critical, life-threatening to a more general accident in the inflammable atmosphere, such as the removal of static discharge nuisances to people with mild "shock," as in the case of unexpected spark development.   In the electronics industry, it is typically important to have an ESD floor. Particularly in the assembly and manufacture of circuit boards. The circuit boards contain high levels of microscopic electric circuits, with very small static jolts that may be broken or damaged. The static discharge on one of these circuit boards basically has the same effect as blowing a fuse in your house. In the quality control phase, some of these errors can be identified instantly. These failures are graded as devastating.   However, certain defects are so insignificant that the device with the defective circuit board component is not deterred and delivered to the end-user or consumer base. These failures are typically easily triggered when the material is used in the field, called latent failures.   Final Words: As you might imagine, such failures lead to unwanted and expensive warranty claims and can negatively affect a manufacturer of electronic components. An ESD Flooring System can help to reduce all forms of failures, which can result in a lower scrap rate and a safer bottom if it is implemented and used as part of a full ESD monitoring and prevention program. All you need to know about ESD bins http://www.electrotekstatic.co.in/blog/all-you-need-to-know-about-esd-bins_10842.htm Fri, 18 Jun 2021 17:32:11 +0530 While ESD bins may sound new to you, they have been used for a long time in various places. You will see that there are different places where these bins are commonly used and they serve a bigger purpose than just storing things. They are used to store small components and tools. Made of antistatic polypropylene material, they can be attached easily to bin rails. Also, they can be fitted for free standing on grounded surfaces. If the bins are of equal size and capacity, they can be stacked on top of one another which again helps in saving space. It is seen that when things need to be stored in huge quantity, storage becomes an issue. To tackle these things, ESD bins play a vital role.   Where to find the best quality ESD bins? If you are looking forward to buying bins for your warehouse or office or company, you can always search the internet for suppliers who can help you get the products at a decent price that too of high quality. While doing so, you should also check if the company or the supplier is a reputed one or not so that you can save yourself from purchasing products that are not of good quality. Checking the reviews have also helped a lot of people to get the best quality product by knowing the real-time experiences of the clients they have served in the past.   You can also check for the company’s listings to find the best ESD bin suppliers and you will get a long list of companies and suppliers who will help you get what you are looking for. Make sure to talk to them to know more about the product and the quality. With a little bit of effort, you will not only find quality products but you will also save your time, money and effort which could have been wasted on poor quality products.   These bins are usually available in black colour which is a chemical coating that is done on it for better storage of products. Knowing what makes these bins different from the regular bins will also help you to judge the quality and make a decision. They are strong and have added features that are missing in regular bins and they can be difficult to store and stack the way ESD bins can be done.   Stock your racks and start your business With a reputed ESD bins supplier in Gurgaon and pan India, you will never regret your decision and will be satisfied with it. What you will get is great quality at a great price. Having the added privilege of ordering online, you do not have to worry about anything. Simply place your order online and they will make sure to deliver it to your location which is an added advantage amidst this pandemic. You can also place bulk order if you wish to set up your own business for these bins and can sell them to get earn a profit. This will be a great business idea for you and you will never have any issues in getting supplies for your stock. ESD Fabrics: Understanding the Concept and Buying Guide Suggested by Experts http://www.electrotekstatic.co.in/blog/esd-fabrics-understanding-the-concept-and-buying-guide-suggested-by-experts_11036.htm Tue, 13 Jul 2021 16:26:06 +0530 You must be aware that clothes are insulated electrically, and it is because of this reason that the charges on the fabric don’t get dissipated on human skin. The ESD fabrics supplier in Gurgaon offers anti-static clothing fabrics that protect the clothing-generated electrostatic fields on the wearer’s body. The ESD fabrics are used to make ESD garments, which in turn is helpful and preferred whenever there is a threat for static damage.   How Do ESD Fabrics Differ from Normal Fabrics The ESD fabrics differ from the normal fabrics because the former fabrics include a conductive grid throughout which makes way for a “Faraday Cage” effect around the operator’s body. You can succeed at preventing the charges generating from the apparel of the wearer through this conductive grid on the fabrics. If left unprotected, the charges can ruin the static-electricity-sensitive devices.   ESD Fabrics and What Makes them So Unique? The ESD fabrics are counted by the makers producing antistatic clothes. This is because they not only have more strength than your normal fabrics but are also most trustworthy than other fabric garment items. These antistatic garments, made of ESD fabrics can be worn in electrostatically sensitive workplaces.   The Hype Around ESD Fabrics and What is Causing It? The ESD fabrics supplier in Gurgaon are in high demand, and this is because the antistatic cloths are vastly used to make • Packaging • Workplace Mats • Grounding Straps • Workstation Chairs   The ESD safety level that is needed decides the demand for ESD fabrics in the manufacturing facilities. The fabrics also have categories of ESD level to determine to specify the overall resistance towards static electricity of the material. While ESD clothing works as a great defines solution for workplaces that are sensitive to static electricity, you must not count on it completely. Combine the preference of ESD garments with another precautionary measure; think grounding straps, workstations, antistatic mats, etc.   The ESD audits must happen in companies every year to make sure that both the environments of manufacturing and warehouse are in adherence with the ESD safety plan.   ESD Fabric: Know it All The discharge that happens as a result of either static energy transfer or contact between the charged objects is called Electrostatic Discharge. When a couple of objects are extremely close to one another, and there is an occurrence of high electrostatic power, the Electrostatic Discharge happens. This can affect the equipment if the electrostatic power occurs in a machine having sensitive and small components.   The ESD proof fabrics are known to distribute the charges and prevent static-energy build-up. However, the reason why ESD-fabrics aren’t categorised under personal protective equipment is that it is known to shield the techniques of production, equipment, and products. The ESD fabrics have anti-static properties incorporated in them with the help of an anti-static thread. In every few yarns of the fabric, this is the woven fabric. And this is what creates a full width and or length fabric. These are the grids that render the functionality of steering clear of forming sparks and ensuring the fabric is Static Control. Importance and Benefits of ESD Bins in Electronics Industry http://www.electrotekstatic.co.in/blog/importance-and-benefits-of-esd-bins-in-electronics-industry_11567.htm Sat, 25 Sep 2021 11:27:50 +0530 The superior demand for electronic products makes the market of ESD control products as well. Various tech advancements like the miniaturisation of electronics parts and PCB have initiated the damage from electrostatic discharge. While the discharge is not significant, yet it causes more heat release to create the damage. This heat causes malfunctioning and other defects in the electronic devices. For proper handling and assembly of the devices, we must use ESD Bins for safeguarding the users from any shock. Operation inside the devices may be harmful if we do not use ESD. Hence, there is a great significance of ESD products in the electronics industry. Benefits We Get from ESB Bins:- Any device is prone to sudden effects and deterioration, be it mechanical or electrical products. Exposure to such tools may damage the object with a visible sparking phenomenon. Even simple sparking is quite dangerous to break the internal components of the electronic device. It would affect the overall quality and functionality of these products. Hence, we should use some protective products like ESD Bins for preventing static charge build-up process in any electronics item. The main target is to suppress the damage for ESD-sensitive components. These products will do specific things for reducing the failure of the devices and then enhance the entire life service of the items. Before beginning manufacturing or servicing operations, you need to create the anti-static EPA. It can be further improved by including spark-resistant items such as industrial furniture, workbenches, storage bins, and trolleys. Some other protective measures are to add conductive straps, wristbands, and any other related PPE. These additives are put to the ground so that any build-up charges are released through cables and earthing points. It is a sound approach for safe work. ESB Impacts:- We know ESD as the destructive force that is invisible but enough to disrupt any normal operation of electrical/electronics devices. It would reduce the life and reliability of the systems. The shocks are not even realised but they will damage the devices. Moreover, we may get astonished with the sudden breakdown of the properly used products, and sometimes it is quite frustrating to repair these. There are two main types of ESD defects. In the first case, the component or device would fail immediately, and it comes under catastrophic damage. In latent defect, the damage is not at the instance, but it will go into the isolation mode with time. Hence, it is not easy to find and resolve such defects. Precautionary Measures:- There are some safety precautions suggested by ESD Bins Suppliers in Gurgaon. • To escape from suddenly happened ESD incident, prefer to use a ground wrist strap. Wear it correctly without any hurry. • Manufacturing or repairing of components should have happened in a cleanroom and ESD-safe environment. • Use safety mats for proper dispersion of static electricity. • Anti-static clothing is recommended to prevent potential ESD shocks. It is better to follow this rule rather than putting ourselves in any trouble.   For getting aware of such facts, keep updating your knowledge regarding ESD bins. Basic Things One Should Know about ESD Rubber Mats http://www.electrotekstatic.co.in/blog/basic-things-one-should-know-about-esd-rubber-mats_11593.htm Thu, 30 Sep 2021 14:32:54 +0530 An Electrostatic discharge mat or ESD mat is a very essential part of an ESD protected area. Generally, ESD mats are designed to eliminate static on its surface and of objects placed upon it. The mat does this by having a conductive material embedded within it that collects the static and sends it to the ground (earth). This is often accomplished by connecting the mat to the ground (basically the center screw of an outlet) with a ground cord. It is necessary to discharge at a slow rate, thus a resistor in the ground cord is recommended. ESD mats are normally found in two categories: Vinyl and Rubber. ESD Rubber mats are the most extensively used mat material because they have a high resistance to most chemicals and heat. ESD Vinyl mats are also used for a work surface or tabletop applications. They are easy to cut, and some varieties provide a cushion. The type of material is a basic concern if one will be using a constant monitor as some materials are incompatible with certain constant monitors. What are ESD Rubber Mats :- ESD rubber mats are the anti-static device that safeguards an individual or piece of equipment like a PC from electrostatic discharge (ESD). Computer components that are sensitive to ESD are CPUs, motherboards, expansion cards, and memory devices. ESD rubber mats can be used under keyboards or mice and can also be placed on or under other equipment. These mats are particularly useful when working on computer components. Once an ESD rubber mat is grounded, it is essential not to lift the component off the mat because it may be susceptible to ESD. Composition of ESD Rubber Mats:- ESD rubber mats are available in single, two, and three-layer material. These mats are made up of two layers of static dissipative rubber material with a conductive material sandwiched between two layers. Generally, these ESD two-layer mats are .060 inches thick and have two layers, the top one is a blue static dissipative rubber layer laminated to a black conductive rubber bottom layer. Thickness, texture, and cushioning of the mat are also concerns depending on the application. These ESD rubber mats offer extremely good resistance to oil, grease, and most common solvent. Different Sizes of ESD Rubber Mats That One Can Find:- ESD rubber mats often come in 50′ or 60′ rolls in four standard widths: 24″; 30″; 36″ and 48″. These mat rolls are easy to cut and have a long shelf life so if someone has more than one area to cover or expansion is a possibility, he/she can purchase a full roll and cut pieces as required. Many ESD rubber mats suppliers also provide ready-to-use pre-cut mats with grounding hardware already installed. These mats can be more costly, but at the same time, they can also be a great time saver. While choosing an ESD rubber mat, people should first use their specific application to narrow their choices. They should carefully plan and budget their workstation so that they can choose to purchase a full roll or a pre-cut mat.   To avail of these mats, you need to trust on a reliable ESD rubber mats supplier in the market. One can also rely on ESD rubber mats suppliers in Gurgaon, famous for supplying a superlative range of ESD rubber mats to their clients. Benefits of using ESD Tiles http://www.electrotekstatic.co.in/blog/benefits-of-using-esd-tiles_11737.htm Sat, 30 Oct 2021 15:18:58 +0530 Over the past year, the usage of various types of electronic devices has increased in various industries. Therefore, there has been a growth in the concern for the safety of the workers and the other staff members. To ensure this safety, the use of ESD tiles and flooring is very necessary. ESD tiles are supplied to different parts of India by the ESD Tile Suppliers In India.ESD tiles come in different shapes, sizes, colours, and designs. They are very useful and efficient and are also easily available in the market nowadays. These tiles are very easy to handle and use.  Features and Advantages of ESD Tiles:-    Based on the type of purpose and the different features of the ESD tiles, there are many benefits of these tiles that make them highly in requirement in the market. Here are some of the major benefits of the ESD tiles. • Low Maintenance: ESD tiles are very user-friendly and do not need to be handled with extra care. They can be easily laid on the floor, and the maintenance of these tiles is quite simple. They help in the prevention of the flow of electricity through the floors and thus prevent any kind of floor damage and debris or dirt creation. • Reduction of Static Discharge: ESD tiles protect the floor from any kind of electric discharge that can damage the entire floor. Thus they also prevent the damage of the electronic interface and the electronic equipment. • Durability: ESD tiles make the entire flooring anti-static in nature. They are very durable and are made from durable components and materials that ensure complete safety against electricity. Most ESD tiles are made of materials like vinyl and rubber that also contribute to making the ESD tiles long-lasting. • Beautiful: ED tiles are made of materials that make the tile look very beautiful and shiny. They also give the flooring a look and feel of professionalism. The ED tiles come with various kinds of designs and patterns on them, and each of the types of ESD tile is unique to look at. • Colour: ESD tiles come in different colours that are very bright and beautiful to look at. The simple yet beautiful looking ESD tile makes the floors of the room look clean and tidy in every manner. • High Resistance: ESD tiles have highly resistant characteristics that make them very suitable for use in various electricity-generating industries and plants where a large amount of electricity is stored and generated. They are also highly conductive and prevent the flow of electricity through the flooring. When it comes to making proper flooring that can also serve to be safe and damage free in all ways, the use of ESD tiles is a very good choice to be considered. Due to the various beneficial features of the ESD tiles, investment in them is highly beneficial. ESD Tiles Suppliers in Noida offer a highly efficient range and make sure that they meet the growing requirements of these tiles in the market. Why Are PP corrugated Bins So Widely Used? http://www.electrotekstatic.co.in/blog/why-are-pp-corrugated-bins-so-widely-used_11878.htm Sat, 27 Nov 2021 18:05:40 +0530 Corrugated bin design is the method of matching the various design factors for the corrugated bins having a functional physical, processing along with end-user requirements. The packaging engineers play an impactful role in managing the performance-based condition of these PP corrugated bins, along with managing the essential total cost throughout the process of packaging and warehousing. Apart from the basis of structural design, other vital information like bar codes, labels, and graphic designs are also attached to it.  Functions of PP Corrugated Bins:- The corrugated bins are widely used as shipping containers. These bins are required to contain the product which is transported from the manufacturer via the distribution channel. It is sometimes even used by customer-based end-use.  These bins especially provide the basic protection to the product kept inside. In the case of paper-based bins and boxes, inner components are used which act as cushions, braces, and block the product so that its fragile content can be protected. However, in the case of the PP corrugated bins sold by the suppliers in Gurgaon, no separate cushioning component is required as they are stronger and more resistant to external factors.   The ordinary containers and bins which are used in the process of shipping require separate printing and labels so that they can be identified based on the details mentioned about the product. Moreover, these bins also carry labels that provide the legal and basic regulatory information along with bar codes that are meant for routing purposes.  These corrugated bins are often used for marketing, merchandising, and even selling purposes as they put up a better image of the product. They show high graphics which help in relating to the contents of the bind.  Apart from that, there are some bins and boxes which are specially designed to display the contents on the shelf. The use of these PP corrugated bins has increased greatly due to their strength, durable life, lightweight, cost-effectiveness, and above all, the protection factor which it provides. They are widely used for shipping a variety of items safely and soundly as these bins can handle the pressure which is exerted doing stacking for transportation of the items.  What is the stacking strength of these bins? Well, as you know that these PP corrugated bins by suppliers in Gurgaon are providing complete resistance to the product against crushing during the process of stacking talked place at the warehouses.  These bins are specially designed with modified features after optimizing the grade of the corrugated boards, box designs, the direction of the flute, and also internal supports. These bins provide ultimate protection to products stopped inside them from all sorts of internal factors and crushing.    Apart from that, in case of high humidity, these bins also help in providing a better environment for a product with its strength and its resistance to moisture. The compression strength is directly based on the construction, size, and parameters under which the corrugated bin is manufactured. Basic Things You Need To Know About ESD Shoes And Slippers http://www.electrotekstatic.co.in/blog/basic-things-you-need-to-know-about-esd-shoes-and-slippers_11901.htm Tue, 30 Nov 2021 10:19:50 +0530 ESD shoes and slippers are static dissipating safety footwear that is designed to minimize the amount of static electricity build-up on our bodies. ESD shoes and slippers help in protecting against the dangers of static buildup in the workplace.  ESD shoes and slippers conduct static electricity through the insole, outsole, linings, cement, and into the ground, helping regulate the buildup of electrical charge on a person’s body. ESD shoes and slippers are must always be clearly labeled with an “SD” on the ASTM label sewn into the inside of the shoes or slippers. ESD shoes and slippers are made of high elasticity anti-static sole and are beautiful, generous, wear-resistant, light, comfortable, and durable.  Features of ESD shoes and slippers:- • These shoes and slippers are highly appreciated for durability, gentleness, and comfortability. • They are well-designed to prevent the accumulation of static electricity. • They are dust-free and antistatic. • They are made available with soft and wearable soles. • They are easy to clean and easy to wear. • These shoes and slippers can degrade naturally and have a `low carbon life. Applications of ESD shoes and slippers :- • Electronic industry • Photovoltaic, solar, pharmaceutical industries • Bioengineering, food, watches and clocks, instruments, cosmetics industries • Batteries, petrochemical, electron mechanical industry and many more To make ESD shoes and slippers work correctly, one will need to make sure of the following:    • Never put in other types of insole into these shoes and slippers. One should only use the specially designed Static Dissipating insole, if not the static electricity will not flow through the insole. • If one’s insole becomes non-conductive he/she should replace the shoes or slippers immediately. If it is not done the footwear will not dissipate static electricity. • One’s feet and socks must not be overly dry when wearing ESD footwear. Humidity is essential for peak ESD performance. One should avoid shoe powders, which could reduce humidity in ESD shoes. • It is very essential to keep the floor and sole of ESD shoe always clean. If the sole is dirty with dust and other foreign matter it cannot maintain good contact with the floor, which means the static electricity, cannot be able to flow into the ground. ESD shoes and slippers are mainly worn in computer component handling facilities, manufacturing facilities, and processing plants. That is because those particular environments lead to a build-up of static electricity on the employees, operating the machines and if the employee touches metal or another person they can get a “shock”. ESD shoes and slippers can prevent this annoyance and discomfort, but the floor, mats, and machines need to be grounded as well to decrease the overall static electricity in the environment. Depending on what type of job you are doing and the environment you work in you will need to wear adequate footwear.    To buy these shoes and slippers, you need to trust a reliable ESD shoes and slippers supplier in the market. One can also rely on companies, engaged in supplying a superlative range of ESD shoes and slippers in Gurgaon. All You Need To Know About Static Shielding Bags http://www.electrotekstatic.co.in/blog/all-you-need-to-know-about-static-shielding-bags_11905.htm Tue, 30 Nov 2021 11:41:51 +0530 A static shielding bag is a special bag used for shipping purposes. These bags have the capacity of protecting the electronic components present inside from all sorts of static and electrostatic discharge-related damages.  These bags are designed so that they can ship all new and used electronic or computer-based components like hard drives, processers, and various types of sound cards in a completely controlled environment, unaffected by harmful discharges. These bags are designed according to Faraday Cage's principle, which helps in the elimination of the external static as well as non-static electrical fields .  Also known as an anti-static bag, the bags supplied by the static shielding bag suppliers in Gurgaon are made of a special material known as polyethylene terephthalate or PET.  What Are Static Shielding Bags Made Of This material is quite similar to plastic but has a foamy and bubble-wrapped structure. These bags are available in several colours, which depend on the material which is packed inside. The most common colours of static shielding bags available include silver, pink, and black.  The inner layer of these bags is a static dissipative layer of polyethylene which is neatly surrounded by a thin layer of aluminum shielding. The second layer which followed is made using polyester. The outer side of this layer is made using a dissipative coating of static shielding materials. The static shielding bags sold by the static shielding bag suppliers in Gurgaon protect the components present inside the bags from static charges generated both inside as well as outside the bag.  Difference Between Static Shielding And Anti Static Bags: Well, most people mistake both these terms and often consider them as the same. But there is a huge difference between the bags which are static shielding and the bags which keep providing anti-static shielding. Here, in this article, we will be dealing with a brief idea of both these types of bags.  Coming to the static shielding bags, they are specially designed to prevent the building up of static electricity. Its anti-static property also helps in protection from all kinds of electrostatic discharge too. These bags are prepared using several layers of material, strictly following the Faraday Cage principle, which was meant for providing complete protection to the components from electrostatic discharge.  For better ESD protection, the material of these bags is neatly fashioned into a bag with a proper enclosure, keeping the components sealed and safe inside. It is recommended not to use any type of staples as it may compromise the ability of the bag of acting as a shield against static electricity. On the contrary, the anti-static bags keep back moisture and also provide complete protection from electromagnetic as well as radio frequency interference along with the provision of static shielding.    These bags are made using a much thicker metal layer which inhibits the rate of moisture and vapor transmission. However, these bags do not protect ESD transmission. So, it is advised to avoid packing sensitive products inside the antistatic bags. Why Should Everyone Wear A Grounding Wrist Band Before Gadget Repairs? http://www.electrotekstatic.co.in/blog/why-should-everyone-wear-a-grounding-wrist-band-before-gadget-repairs_12089.htm Wed, 29 Dec 2021 14:46:44 +0530 The emission of static electricity is undesirable in any situation since it can cause damages to electric gadgets while also endangering the person operating on the electronic item. This antistatic gadget from wrist band grounding exporters in Gurgaon is used for this objective. A grounding gadget is a basic gadget that inhibits electrostatic discharge, keeping us secure while also protecting the electrical devices. One such highly important antistatic gadget that is generally worn in the hands is an anti-static wristband or anti-static wrist bracelet. This is also known as the grounded wristband or ESD band, and it is worn on the wrist of someone who is operating on a very vulnerable electronic item. This device assists a person in being grounded while also preventing the accumulation of static electricity on an electrical item, which can cause catastrophic damage. Detailed Information:- It's just an elastic band composed of conductive fibers including carbon or carbon-filled polymer from wrist band grounding exporters, which is tied to the hand by stainless-steel plates or clamps. They were typically used in conjunction with an antistatic carpet on the workbench. A wire is connected to the clip and connected to a grounding component, as in an antistatic matting. It is worn on the operator's non-dominant arm. Such that, if they are right-handed, then use it with the left wrist, whereas if they are left-handed, they carry it with the right wrist. Importance Of Grounding Wrist Band:- ● When operating on a computer, such as inspecting it by removing the back or doing other tasks, it is recommended that the operator wears an anti-static wristband to safeguard the computer from electrostatic contamination. To safeguard the computers while operating on a PC, the grounding of the bracelet is hooked to the computer case. ● Maintenance workers are indeed expected to wear an anti-static bracelet, which could save objects such as a circuit board as well as other electronic gadgets. ● It also magically stops an explosion. ● With all of this, it is also employed to provide employees with protection. While employees are involved with electrical gadgets or near an electronic sensitive location, it washes away the stored charge from their bodies. As a result, these bands are not only excellent in preventing technological damage, but they are also entirely safe for humans to wear. Anti-static wrist straps are necessary by newly opened factories and comparatively focused manual processing production lines. Many consumers seek clarification regarding wrist straps, but the majority of them are concerned with price rather than static protection guidelines to assess the necessary product quality. Many people do not have a thorough understanding of the marketplace and the performance of the items. The low-price product is easily misunderstood. If you're operating with a laptop, ground yourself simply by contacting the outside metal container of the power source before unplugging it. Using an anti-static band or bracelet could also help minimize static charge buildup. Although it is rare, a powerful static electricity shock can destroy a PC, both while it is active or when you are functioning on it. Because the chances of a static discharge are so remote, most of us will construct a slew of machines and just never shock anything. Or it could be the opposite as well, so it is better to use one and avoid accidents. Antistatic Foam Manufacturers and Exporters in Gurgaon http://www.electrotekstatic.co.in/blog/antistatic-foam-manufacturers-and-exporters-in-gurgaon_12597.htm Tue, 29 Mar 2022 18:05:35 +0530 Electronic items and their components are quite delicate and that is the cause of their early damage or malfunctioning. Technicians and experts take ultimate precaution during their manufacturing process in consideration of adverse environments.    It is better to wrap them with wrist wraps or garments to lessen the damage. Saving the costliest items is of utmost importance.  Static electricity is something we cannot feel or realise, but a small spark would cause significant damage between the surfaces. The shock is initiated because of rapid electron transfer between the objects. Electrostatic sensitive devices are thus prone to damage.  The same applies to LEDs, ICs, and other delicate items as well.  After manufacturing, transportation of these things via exporters is not quite an easy job. Hence, we need the medium, termed as Antistatic Foams Exporters.    About Antistatic Foam:- Foams are inserted for transportation, packaging, and storage purpose for various items for household as well as commercial use. ESDs need a type of foam that is made with a special anti-static agent and chemical.  We find it via pink colour, and it is done so as not to mix with other foams.  Apart from protecting goods, this anti-static foam provides a path for electrical charges for safe packaging and deployment. With such a safe packaging arrangement, there is hardly any chance for triboelectric or frictional charging.  After so many potential failures, industrialists come up with the solution with anti-static foam.  It has saved many business perspectives for delivering the goods over the distant places. Packaging of conductive foam will do better static-fighting tasks.    Features:- The PU Antistatic Foams Exporters in Gurgaon is advancing towards new heights of applications. With fine surface resistivity, it has a product density of 30 to 25 kg/cu. Mt. It keeps the condition of new electric parts and electronic goods in their original form without any harm.  The top exporter of anti-static foam has high performance while packing the items with proper cushioning. The delicate parts are highly sensitive to damage and other problems.    Anti-Static polyethene foam Properties:- • Excellent conduction of electricity with surface resistance • Density would be about 2.5-6.25 lb/ft • Lower antistatic charging – minimization charge generation in an electrostatic process • Less chemical corrosion: It shows no corrosion in packaging and transporting • It always buffers better performance and is ideal for device protection • Physical shocks are protected during packaging, handling, storage, and shipping of ESD sensitive devices • Ideal operations for long-term usage • Easily adaptable by customers for die-cutting    It is made under the expertise and supervision of wide acceptance and acknowledgement of the clientele.  The best thing about these foams is their shielding effect with added shock absorption properties and conductivities. It has excellent resistance abrasion performance and compression characteristics.  The higher chemical resistance resists it from damage and rustiness. The product is more useful towards pinned components and huge temperature applications as well.  The products are manufactured under expert engineers via stringent supervision. The estimated cost is within budget, and it is showing its true sense in the market.    Get more information regarding anti-static foams and their latest versions. This polyethene foam shows greater value in reducing the cost and protecting many natural resources from being wasted in industrial production.    You may use the Antistatic Foams Exporters proximity regarding more knowledge for its production. ESD EPE Foam Fitments Suppliers in Gurgaon http://www.electrotekstatic.co.in/blog/esd-epe-foam-fitments-suppliers-in-gurgaon_13114.htm Fri, 24 Jun 2022 16:34:45 +0530 ESD EPE Foam is a quality product. It is used for the transportation and storage of electronic and telecom products. This Foam provides Cushioning and also it has antistatic protection. This Foam is also well known as expanded polyethylene Foam. This is used mostly polymer for producing EPE foam Fitment.   EPE is a thermoplastic resin. This means EPE can be cooled or melted to form different kinds of objects and forms. These types of attractive qualities of EPE are due to the chemical and physical qualities. As of these features, this material also has a wide range of uses in different sectors.   If you choose to deal with reliable suppliers you will get ESD EPE foams with the following qualities.   Adaptable: Better adaptability than most different other options, EPE Foam folds over items easily and offers the greatest security.   Phenomenal Cushioning: Its cell structure makes it exceptionally shock-retentive and solid for all bundling needs.   Strong: EPE Foam recovers its shape delayed repercussion. It is crack, break and disintegrate evidence.   Abrasive Resistant: Its delicate surface gives total insurance against rough checks or scratches during transportation.   Chemical Resistant: It is dormant to most destructive synthetic substances like acids, alkalis and other compound solvents.   Moisture Resistant: Because it is impermeable, how much water EPE Foam retains is immaterial.   Static Resistant: Unlike other bundling materials EPE Foam doesn't draw in dust from the environment because of its intrinsic enemy of static properties. Uniquely made enemies of static grades (pink tone) are likewise accessible.   Thermal Insulation: EPE Foam has ended up being a prevalent protecting material due to its very low warm conductivity and dampness permeable properties.   Non Toxic and Odourless: A protected item for bundling of foodstuff. Opposes organisms and forms development. The ESD EPE Foam Fitments manufacturer use materials which do not have any harsh chemicals for its production.   Easy to Use: Easy to utilize, cut, shape or seal with a stick.   Easy to Fabricate: EPE Foam can be created into wanted shapes and designs. No costly moulds are required.   Light Weight Yet Tough: Its lightweight saves the cost of dealing with and transportation, simultaneously it is extreme. It can withstand wear and tear and will last longer than other materials that are used in packaging.   Effective Range of Temperature: Without influencing its properties, EPE Foam can be utilized in temperatures going from - 40 degrees to 70 degrees.   Assortment of Colors: EPE Foam is accessible in many tones. You can choose the one that matches the aesthetics of your company and use it for packaging needs.   Wide Product Range: EPE Foam is accessible in a great many rolls, boards, supported sheets, and created items, to suit explicit prerequisites.   These are some of the features that one receives by using ESD EPE Foam filaments. Deal with the best ESD EPE Foam Fitments Suppliers and get high-quality products with the best features and benefits. This is one of the best materials that will keep the products safe while they are in transit. It will reach safe and sound to the customers. What Are The Benefits of Antistatic Foams? http://www.electrotekstatic.co.in/blog/what-are-the-benefits-of-antistatic-foams_13450.htm Fri, 16 Sep 2022 13:25:38 +0530 When it comes to shipping items, the world has turned into a little spot. Producing organizations arrange themselves in nations in light of strategies, tax breaks and simple admittance to their objective market nations. This implies they need to bundle their merchandise for safe transportation to different nations. While delivering this multitude of products, they should be stuffed securely to arrive at their objective. Without this taking care of this, it tends to be exorbitant to any organization. How about we look more into why organizations use froth bundling to guard their items secured during transportation? The following are reasons for choosing Antistatic Foams. Choose to deal with the best Antistatic Foams Exporters and get the best products.  1) Foam is something other than a very famous upholstery material. It's a particularly flexible item with its give and shock sponginess as it supports and solaces. It has countless advantages, for example, the capacity to stand up. It can likewise suspend. To this end, froth pads support instruments like electronic things, coolers, and PCs, and the sky is the limit from there. Froth can keep things set up as they are moved for many miles and they will show up in the very condition that they were sent. 2) Foam bundling can stop your items from moving. It has a serious task to take care of. It requirement to safeguard hops and starts of voyaging. What's more, it likewise needs to give some security from an environment by giving wellbeing away from water and sun. One more advantage of utilizing froth bundling is holding your items back from moving around inside a container while suspending them. 3) Nobody needs to lose or break items during transportation. It's simply an undesirable cost for any business. It's crucial to use bundling that you know is reliable. Froth bundling is great for going about as a pad on an excursion. Who can say for sure who will be moving your cases at the opposite end? Froth bundling will safeguard your products against the knocks and potential falls that accompany voyaging. Deal with the best Antistatic foam suppliers and get products from them for your use.   4) However, it's not all pretty much the security of your merchandise. It's likewise about the brand experience appreciated by your clients. At the point when the purchaser opens the crate to see their new purchase and finds it is securely loaded with froth, it will assist them with believing that you have their wellbeing on a fundamental level. Meticulousness can help any brand.  5) Finally, froth bundling is a reasonable ware. It's lightweight and simple to make. Antistatic Foams have different types of advantages that are hard to ignore. Make sure that you deal with the best Antistatic forms exporter in Gurgaon and get products from them for your use. This is the best thing one should do to keep products safe and sound while in transit.  There are even suppliers who provide you with different types of foam packaging that are good for use. Choose wisely and read customer reviews before buying. What Are The Benefits of PP Corrugated Bins? http://www.electrotekstatic.co.in/blog/what-are-the-benefits-of-pp-corrugated-bins_13924.htm Mon, 19 Dec 2022 12:42:24 +0530 PP corrugated bins have changed Global transportation in and out. They have quite recently not changed their face but rather given a new breeze of life in bundling, taking care of, and transportation. While outdating the wooden containers they have made the capacity, gathering, lifting and moving agreeable, prudent and easy to understand.  On one hand, they have caused life more straightforward on different they have expanded income and added to the planet by forestalling trees cutting and in this way keeping up with the biological system. They are recyclable, solid and reusable. Not many of their significant benefits over wooden boxes are as per the following: Light in Weight and Durable PP corrugated bins are lighter as well as solid as well and consequently are easier to use on many records than wooden cartons. These ridged bins are creatively manufactured and are simply around 50% of the heaviness of wooden cases. Along these lines, consequently, you radically save money on material and cargo. Deal with the best PP corrugated bins suppliers in Gurgaon and get the best products for your use.  Easy To Handle and Quick to Assemble PP corrugated bins are not difficult to lift and are speedy to collect with next to no lift van help. This sets aside your cash while additionally saving money on time and labour supply both. Furthermore, it likewise gives a protected working with mishap free climate. These layered boxes are not difficult to be marked and are quicker to be stacked inferable from their lightweight, plain surface and smooth edges. Cheap Manpower PP corrugated bins can be handily gathered by the amateur to discuss semiskilled specialists in this way taking out the need of recruiting gifted specialists as expected on account of the wooden cases. It additionally gives the adaptability of recruiting fledglings as they can gather PP corrugated bins effortlessly. Compact Storing PP corrugated bins take less space while putting away and request no unique store yards as are expected by the wooden containers. They possess only one-fifth of the room as gained by the wooden cartons in this manner saving money on space, dealing with, transportation and workmanship. Five PP corrugated bins collecting bins can be easily put away nearby as involved by a solitary wooden container box. It is advised to deal with the best PP corrugated bins suppliers and get products from them for your uses.  Recyclable Wooden Boxes are rejected after one-time use and hence sit around idly, exertion cash. PP folded bins are 100 per cent recyclable and accompany the drawn-out life cycle furthermore of different purposes. These bins help to keep up with the environment and contribute to saving our planet while making it a superior spot to live. Customized Labelling PP corrugated bins are viable with better illustrations printing and make your last ridged boxes stand apart with your logo, trademark, brand or some other advancement you maintain that should do while these cases are on the way crossing millions of eyes and knocking some people's socks off. There could be no other better method for arriving at millions without a solitary penny injected. PP corrugated bins support the framework while wooden containers unleash ruin by cutting trees on the environment. It is our ethical constraint to save the planet and quit utilizing these wooden containers. The Global delivery rules and guidelines have fixed the noose against wooden containers while empowering elective bundling material Learn The Amazing Facts About ESD Gloves http://www.electrotekstatic.co.in/blog/learn-the-amazing-facts-about-esd-gloves_14527.htm Sat, 18 Mar 2023 16:24:28 +0530 If you work in the electrical sector, you must acknowledge the importance of safety issues. Therefore, it's necessary to use proper equipment. ESD gloves are one such element. ESD gloves are used to give enormous safety to the workers. These gloves can not only offer safety but also create an overall safe atmosphere around them. These gloves are considered to be the most crucial equipment for working in laboratories. Places like laboratories, cleanrooms,  biotech industries, and electrical workstations are normally less contaminated and particle sensitive. For this reason, they require special tools for better functionality. Below we are fetching more data on how ESD gloves aid highly sensitive institutions that are related to electrostatic discharge. To know how these gloves help to maintain the workers safe, read the entire article. The Goal of ESD Gloves  The main motto of using ESD gloves is to curtail the amount of static electricity in specific situations. While working in sensitive manufacturing units, gas repairing centres, and electrical parts handling units, these gloves are necessary. These gloves are generally of two types.  One category is made for product handling and the other is for product assembly purposes. ESD gloves can prevent electrostatic discharges but pairing these gloves with wrist wraps can diminish the possibilities of any electrostatic discharge. These gloves are available all over India and you can buy them from any reputed ESD gloves suppliers. Materials of ESD Gloves ESD gloves are available in different forms, materials and sizes. Each of them has specific functions and price rates. In terms of material, ESD gloves are made with materials like vinyl, latex, fabric and nitrile.  Latex  The very first material which is used globally for making ESD gloves is latex. Among all the materials, latex is the most used one in making ESD gloves. Nitrile  The next material for making ESD gloves is nitrile. Nitrile is durable, anti-static, disposable and damage-resistant. Nitrile is a material that is created with synthetic latex. Therefore, nitrile gloves are safe for people who have latex allergies. But nitrile gloves are a little expensive in comparison with latex or vinyl material. Vinyl  The next ESD gloves material is Vinyl. Vinyl gloves are safe for people who are allergic to latex. But vinyl gloves are not puncture resistant and durable as other materials. Buy a wide range of gloves from any well-known ESD gloves suppliers in Gurgaon. Fabric  Apart from all the above-mentioned materials, any sort of fabric can be used to make ESD gloves. The main convenience of using fabric gloves is they can be used as many times as you want after cleaning them.  Each material has its own advantages but these materials should be used with caution. This is because some materials can make serious reactions with certain chemicals. So it is necessary to have detailed knowledge about the materials well. For example, though nitrile gloves are durable and anti-allergic, they can not be used with aromatic solvents and ketones.  So it's advisable to buy multiple gloves for better protection. Always assess the multiple needs of the workers, the highest heat resistance of the gloves, and cost well. Before buying ESD gloves, assessing these factors can help you get the best products.