Everything That You Need To Know About ESD Flooring

Posted by Admin on June, 15, 2021

A flooring device ESD from ESD Flooring Suppliers in Gurgaon is used for the discharge into a desired regulated ground point by means of an electrical static charge (called the body voltage accumulation on a person moving through the polymer floor). This controlled and deliberate streaming of electrical power and discharge significantly reduces the risk of electrostatic accidental discharge, which can harm the sensitive electrical equipment during the production process.

The ESD discharge may have adverse effects on sensitive electronic components even in the smallest and normally unnoticed. The smaller and more responsive components of the new microchip and the printing circuit boards (PCBs) have been used to improve the quality control and the production of ESD control and prevention to reduce failure modes and scrap rates.

Working Procedure:

An ESD-controlled floor coating includes an electrically active conduction particle in the matrix that allows electrical energy to be transmitted. Just like a wire, electric charges can be carried from one stage to the next. This is not wood, plastic, or glass that is known to bear an electric current and thus are considered insulators.

This property is not present in most paints or silicone coatings. This form of floor is run in an ESD protected area (EPA) with many other ESD safety devices such as boots, garments, and grounding straps to ensure that the BVG is reduced and the correct grounding release is regulated.

Benefits on offer:

Controls static discharge -

The main aim of this flooring is to help minimize the risk of ESD. In workplaces where static can cause interruption and damage to workers and/ or equipment, this flooring is of particular importance.

Low maintenance -

These floors are both installed and maintained extremely easily, especially when you spend in modular anti-static tiles. Sometimes they can be put on existing floors, locked and sealed with our floor finishing products easily.

Durable -

A mixture of recycled materials like vinyl, rubber, and plastic is made to produce anti-static floors that are ergonomically friendly and can last for years.


The potential of undesired static discharge effects can range from extremely critical, life-threatening to a more general accident in the inflammable atmosphere, such as the removal of static discharge nuisances to people with mild "shock," as in the case of unexpected spark development.

In the electronics industry, it is typically important to have an ESD floor. Particularly in the assembly and manufacture of circuit boards. The circuit boards contain high levels of microscopic electric circuits, with very small static jolts that may be broken or damaged. The static discharge on one of these circuit boards basically has the same effect as blowing a fuse in your house. In the quality control phase, some of these errors can be identified instantly. These failures are graded as devastating.

However, certain defects are so insignificant that the device with the defective circuit board component is not deterred and delivered to the end-user or consumer base. These failures are typically easily triggered when the material is used in the field, called latent failures.

Final Words:

As you might imagine, such failures lead to unwanted and expensive warranty claims and can negatively affect a manufacturer of electronic components. An ESD Flooring System can help to reduce all forms of failures, which can result in a lower scrap rate and a safer bottom if it is implemented and used as part of a full ESD monitoring and prevention program.

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