All You Need To Know About Static Shielding Bags

Posted by Admin on November, 30, 2021

A static shielding bag is a special bag used for shipping purposes. These bags have the capacity of protecting the electronic components present inside from all sorts of static and electrostatic discharge-related damages.

These bags are designed so that they can ship all new and used electronic or computer-based components like hard drives, processers, and various types of sound cards in a completely controlled environment, unaffected by harmful discharges. These bags are designed according to Faraday Cage's principle, which helps in the elimination of the external static as well as non-static electrical fields


Also known as an anti-static bag, the bags supplied by the static shielding bag suppliers in Gurgaon are made of a special material known as polyethylene terephthalate or PET.

What Are Static Shielding Bags Made Of

This material is quite similar to plastic but has a foamy and bubble-wrapped structure. These bags are available in several colours, which depend on the material which is packed inside. The most common colours of static shielding bags available include silver, pink, and black.

The inner layer of these bags is a static dissipative layer of polyethylene which is neatly surrounded by a thin layer of aluminum shielding. The second layer which followed is made using polyester. The outer side of this layer is made using a dissipative coating of static shielding materials. The static shielding bags sold by the static shielding bag suppliers in Gurgaon protect the components present inside the bags from static charges generated both inside as well as outside the bag.

Difference Between Static Shielding And Anti Static Bags:

Well, most people mistake both these terms and often consider them as the same. But there is a huge difference between the bags which are static shielding and the bags which keep providing anti-static shielding. Here, in this article, we will be dealing with a brief idea of both these types of bags.

Coming to the static shielding bags, they are specially designed to prevent the building up of static electricity. Its anti-static property also helps in protection from all kinds of electrostatic discharge too. These bags are prepared using several layers of material, strictly following the Faraday Cage principle, which was meant for providing complete protection to the components from electrostatic discharge.

For better ESD protection, the material of these bags is neatly fashioned into a bag with a proper enclosure, keeping the components sealed and safe inside. It is recommended not to use any type of staples as it may compromise the ability of the bag of acting as a shield against static electricity.

On the contrary, the anti-static bags keep back moisture and also provide complete protection from electromagnetic as well as radio frequency interference along with the provision of static shielding.

These bags are made using a much thicker metal layer which inhibits the rate of moisture and vapor transmission. However, these bags do not protect ESD transmission. So, it is advised to avoid packing sensitive products inside the antistatic bags.

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